SATR is a Chinese artist who approaches her creative process using insights and inspiration from her life. Known for her vigorous brushstrokes and intuitive spray can control, the focus of her body of work is animal using a simplified colour scheme. Her works embody dynamism and fluidity. Satr is currently in Australia as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival program.

Sor Two 

Sortwo has been doing art since he was 13 years old. Born and raised in the Basque Country (Spain), he got an appreciation for the street art around his neighborhood and it developed into his lifestyle. Art has opened doors for him and allowed him to travel to different countries and practice his passion. He works with a variety of art methods, never limiting his imagination. His phenomenal style has adapted to indoor and outdoor environments, often creating detailed surrealistic paintings. His primary works are detailed murals created through the use of paint rollers, paint brushes, and spray paint. Sor Two is currently in Australia as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival program.

Shani Finch 

Shani Finch is a young female artist from Brisbane. She comes from a fine arts background, but after failing to conform to the standards of a curriculum in university, discovered her passion for street art and adapted her style to compliment both canvases and walls. Her work is a direct projection of the artist herself, loud, bright, very honest and realistic but expressive. Finch uses her art as a platform to open a dialogue about issues such as body image issues, sexuality, social constructs and equality.

Emmanuel Moore 

Emmanuel Moore is a Brisbane local who constructs paintings and drawings of alienated landscapes from symbols found in the urban everyday. Through this manipulation of monotony, Moore delivers theories and messages to his audiences while leaving room for viewers to construct their own interpretations and frame the works in arrays of contexts.

Creative partner of Bleach* Festival since 2011