22 April 2019

nyala bulahbu gali

By Kyle Slabb — Presented by Bleach* and Dust Temple

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A conversation, a ceremony, a cuppa tea, a song and a deeper understanding of Indigenous cultural frameworks by Kyle Slabb. Through a series of three conversations with a variety of fearless and creative thinkers from a cross section of industries and arts practices, such as provocateurs David Pledger, Lawrence English and Mara Bun, Kyle investigates ideas of modern and ancient time and space, listening and hearing and relational systems of traditional hierarchical structures and flat leadership. As a leader and innovator in Cultural Intelligence training, each session will ignite debate, conversation and deeper thinking across this broad range of subjects.

Immerse yourself in the full day of conversations or purchase a ticket to a single session. Each session will be interwoven with song, ceremony, and of course, a cuppa.

Conversation 1: Binangu – 10:00am – 11.30am

Listening and hearing, on all levels and planes – our minds, our bodies, our spirits. Join Kyle Slabb and Lawrence English as they interrogate the capturing of sound, how it is interpreted and the art of listening.

Conversation 2: Ngubuwa – 1:00pm – 2.30pm

This conversation investigates cultural perceptions of time and space. Delving into modern and ancient concepts of time with Mara Bun.

Conversation 3: Jimbalungare – 3.30pm -5:00pm

The final of the series examines our connection or relationship to each other and other entities. The foundational framework for relationship contrasted to and applied to questions around other systems like hierarchy and flat leadership. Led by Kyle Slabb and David Pledger.

Join The Spirit of Churaki Band after the final conversation as they launch their recorded album.

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